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ANNOUNCE - RFIDIOt 0.1w released - January 2009


I've been working on adding Global Platform functionality to non-PC/SC devices so folks with LAHF and HF ACG devices can play with JCOP cards... It's not quite there yet, but jcoptool.py is a work in progress which currently supports printing manufacturer info and card contents. I'll be working on installing/deleting applets next.

Other fixes are mostly to do with e-passports...


fix ACG reset/info sequence in RFIDIOt.py
fix facial image display bug in mrpkey.py where conversion is required [Andreas Schmidt] fix RANDOM_UID setting in jcop_mifare_access.cap/jcopmifare.py (you will need a secret key from NXP)
add jcoptool.py - JCOP toolkit (work in progress)
mrpkey.py changes:
  fix binary mode when reading files under Windows (for WRITE to card)
  fix computation of composite checksum digit
  support reading non-BAC passports
specify a dummy MRZ or simply the keyword 'PLAIN' for Plain Access if there is no Basic Access Control
  support writing non-BAC passports (only for vonJeek cards)
  new commands SETBAC and UNSETBAC to toggle the BAC mode on vonJeek cards
  extract & display signature image stored in DG7, if any
  fix bug in Jpeg 2000 handling & add Jpeg 2000 support for DG7
  better error handling if PCSC daemon is down or no reader is found
support clone mode by specifying PLAIN/MRZ and WRITE: first read then write
  support shortened MRZ (as in mrp0wn)
strip AA & EAC by default when writing, set STRIP_INDEX=False to disable stripping change Makefile to match vonJeek gpshell files (upload2jcop.gpsh & upload2nokia.gpsh)

Full details here:


BTW, I'm giving a course with Zac Franken at BH Europe in April, and USA in July if you want to get hands on with this stuff...


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