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Call for papers and trainers - note extended deadline - SeacureIT 2009

Dear colleagues,

this is a short message just to reconfirm that the deadline for
submission of speech and training proposals for SEaCURE.IT is set to
February 10th, and not to Jan 31st as originally noted in the website.
We have received many excellent submission, besides the invited speakers
already mentioned on our website, and we will notify selected speakers
shortly after the deadline. However, it is still not too late to submit
and be part of the event!

SEaCURE.IT (http://www.seacure.it) will be held from May 19th to 22nd in
the wonderful seaside resort Tanka Village, located in Villasimius,
Sardinia, a large and beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea.

Besides the main conference, featuring two tracks of top-notch
presentations over two intense days, the programme will include two days
of advanced trainings, and a set of unique social events (Italian
style), in order to foster networking.

I remind you that we are a non-product, non-vendor biased security
conference, and do not accept vendor pitches. Any talk evidently aimed
at selling products or services will be rejected without consideration.
We look for novel research and contributions in the fields of computer,
network and information security. Please, submit your idea to us: we
will carefully
evaluate it. We will also evaluate proposals for 1-dat or 2-days
technical trainings on the same topics.

We offer the following speaker privileges:
    * * One economy class return-ticket to Cagliari for each accepted
    * * 3 nights of accomodation in the Conference Hotel.
    * * Meals for the speakers, and speaker activities during, before,
and after the conference.
    * * A comprehensive program of activities for non-geek partners :)
    * * Speaker party

We offer the following trainer privileges:
    * * 50% of the net profit of the class
    * * 3 nights of accomodation in the Conference Hotel
    * * Meals during the days of the training
    * * Free access to the Conference
    * * Participation to speaker activities

Please send your submission to cfp@xxxxxxxxxx with the following
information IN PLAIN TEXT in your email:

   1. Presenter name and affiliation
   2. Country and city of origin for your travel to the conference, as
well as nationality/passport for visa requirements
   4. contact information (e-mail address and a landline phone if possible)
   5. SHORT biography, and a list of SELECTED publications and papers
   6. Proposed paper title / proposed training title
   7. Proposed paper abstract / proposed training outline
   8. Three key reasons why you want to speak at SEaCURE.IT and why we
would want you to speak :)
   9. Optionally, any samples of prepared material or outlines (for
this, a pdf attachment is acceptable)
  10. Please list any other publications or conferences where this
material has been or will be published/submitted. Concurrent submission
is not a reason for rejection, while un-announced multiple submissions
will make you look considerably bad ;-)
This last point also applies for the trainings, please let us know how
many times the training has been delivered and where.

Stefano Zanero