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London DEFCON DC4420 - February 2009 Meet - Thursday 12th

Following our supah successful January meet, where we actually ran out of time because of the volume and quality of talks (or was it volume of alcohol the speakers had imbibed?), this month we are going to limit the talks to 30 minutes and the number of speaking slots to 3 so we have more time for drinking/socialising in between...

The lineup this month is:

  The Current State of Wifi - Arhont

  The Life of a Security Manager - Chris Sumner

  Java Stack Smashing - Subere

There will also be a couple of workshops running in-between/after speakers:

  Data extraction via Firewire/demo - Guillaume

Sneak preview of a $100 man-in-the-middle RFID protocol analyser - Major Malfunction (bring RFID tags!!!)

And, of course... if this is your first meet... YOU will be talking!

Where will all this take place?

Upstairs @ The Glassblower http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=W1B+5DL&ie=UTF8&ll=51.510625,-0.136878&spn=0.00629,0.021415&z=16&iwloc=addr
42 Glasshouse St, Piccadilly, W1B 5JY

Doors open from 7:00, speaking starts at 7:30 - please try to be prompt as some people need to go early to get trains back out of London.

We have private use of the whole of the upstairs until 11:30.

Real ale on draught : Adnams Broadside + Spitfire, 'Buccomb' and 'Doombar'. Other stuff on draught : Guinness, Staropramen, Hoegaarden, Leffe. Even more stuff on draught : Becks, Fosters, 1664

Food menu is extensive and most importantly : they do Pie - but they stop serving at 9pm!

I hope to see you all there!


"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...