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ACM CCS '09: Call for Workshop Proposals

Call for Workshop Proposals:
16th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2009

Web page: http://www.sigsac.org/ccs/CCS2009/cfw.shtml
Important Dates:

* Submission deadline: Saturday, February 28, 2009

Proposals are solicited for workshops to be held in conjunction with
ACM CCS 2009. Each workshop provides a forum to address a specific
topic at the forefront of security research.

A workshop must be a full day in length. Proceedings of all workshops
will be available (on a CD) to the workshop attendees. Each workshop
will also offer on-line proceedings through ACM Digital Library, with
a separate ISBN.

Workshop Proposal Submission

For new workshops, proposals should include:

* Workshop title
* A draft "Call for Papers" articulating the scope and topics covered
  by the workshop
* A brief summary and justification for the workshop, including
  anticipated benefits to the ACM CCS community.
* Planned activities
* Expected number of submissions and acceptance rate
* Expected number of attendees
* Program chair(s), and, if available, tentative program committee
* A one-paragraph biographical sketch for each organizer, describing
  relevant qualifications, including research and conference/workshop
  organizing experience

For previously-held workshops, in addition to the above, proposals
must provide the following information, for the most recent
incarnation of the workshop:

* Number of submissions
* Number of accepted papers
* Number of registered attendees

Please submit workshop proposals by email to the ACM CCS Workshop
Chair, Ting Yu (yu@xxxxxxxxxxxx). All workshop proposals will be
reviewed by the CCS Steering Committee.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

* The workshop is within scope of computer and communications
  security and concerns a coherent and worthwhile technical

* Its novelty with respect to other forums, especially with respect to
  other CCS workshops.

* Its likely impact on the target community, including likely high

* One of the best ways to show likely interest is to have a strong set
  of researchers who have agreed to serve on the PC.

CCS Support for Workshops

If a workshop proposal is accepted, the ACM CCS workshop chair will
work closely with workshop organizers. The ACM CCS workshop chair will
help create/maintain the submission and reviewing websites for
workshops, and is responsible for monitoring and coordinating
organizational aspects of all workshops.