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Re: Another SQL injection in ProFTPd with mod_mysql (probably postgres as well)

Reproduceable under Gentoo with Proftpd 1.3.1 - But not under debian
etch with Proftpd 1.3.0

The newst Proftpd in Gentoo is 1.3.2-rc2, but there seems to be an
Mysql-related patch in the build-file now. I also tested vanilla
1.3.2-rc4 and 1.3.2, with all three the sql-injection is not
reproduceable for me and the query is escaped.

It is also possible to inject your own strings (and breaking the
proftpd-cage) with an user name like this:

%') and 1=2 union (select
<name>,1,<uid>,<gid>,0x2F,0x2F62696E2F62617368); -- a

Name can be anything, uid and gid let you select any username with
access to the complete filesystem. Only if you use uid=0 and gid=0 root
becomes nobody and nogroup. Other values seem to work.

- B. Milde