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ANNOUNCE: RFIDIOt-0.1x release - February 2009

Hi All,

Well, it's been a busy month... thanks to pytey, I came across TikiTags, which proved to be rather more interesting than they at first seemed...


These devices contain an NXP PN532 reader chip, which, it turns out, is also capable of running in emulator mode (it is the chip used in a lot of NFC mobile phones), and, after looking at documentation from NXP, I was able to get this functionality working, and I'm delighted that NXP have also agreed to allow me to release the code despite it being based on information that was provided under NDA, so massive props to NXP for supporting the open source security research community! :)

As a result, I'm able to release two new tools:

  pn532emulate.py - sets up the emulator and processes one command.

pn532mitm.py - 'pn532 man-in-the-middle', which will drive two readers: one as an emulator and one as a reader, and will log all traffic that flows between them. Additionally, you can separate the reader and emulator onto two different machines, and relay the traffic via TCP.

As always, this is very much a work in progress, and I know the error handling is not perfect and needs tweaking. Low level command processing is also slightly wacky, and will probably be re-written now I understand what's going on a bit more... :)

I've also added a tool for reading HID ProxCard IDs - 'hidprox.py'

and I finally got around to writing some more detailed documentation, which you can find here:


Homepage and download instructions etc. can be found here:


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