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HTC Touch vCard over IP Denial of Service PoC Code


PoC code for testing the MSL-2008-002 vulnerability
HTC Touch vCard over IP Denial of Service
is now available at:

The code  provide means for demonstrating the HTC Touch vCard over IP
DoS by sending vCards to port UDP/9204 of the target IP address.

The number of vCards (-c), the time interval between each vCard (-d),
the length (-l) and, of course, the target address are configurable.

The content of each message can also be selected (-t) by providing the
desired content, that will be embedded in each vCard sent.

Finally, a dedicated option (-s), can be used for demonstrating the
effect of very large vCards.
According to the advisory, these vCards are silently received without
triggering any sound or ringtone, even if they have been properly
selected on the UI settings.


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