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Re: iDefense COMRaider 'DeleteFile()' Method Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerability

Amir, et al,

We would not classify this issue as a security vulnerability.  The COM
object in question is *NOT* loadable in Internet Explorer in a default

CLSID: {9A077D0D-B4A6-4EC0-B6CF-98526DF589E4}
  ProgId: vbDevKit.CVariantFileSystem
  Path to binary: C:\WINDOWS\vbDevKit.dll
  Doesn't implement IObjectSafety
  Registry settings:
    Registry: is not safe for initialization
    Registry: is not safe for scripting
    Killbit is NOT set

In order to load this control, the particular security setting that
would need to be modified is "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not
marked as safe for scripting".  Changing this particular setting to
"Enable", or even "Prompt", significantly impacts the browser's overall
security posture.

In short, if your machine allows this control to be loaded, then your
browser will load controls regardless of safety designations such as
"Safe for Scripting", "Safe for Initialization", and "IObjectSaftey".
This includes the ability to load controls such as WScript, which can
execute arbitrary commands out of the box.

iDefense Labs