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iDefense COMRaider, ActiveX controls, and browser configuration

In disputing the COMRaider unsafe method vulnerability, iDefense Labs

>In short, if your machine allows this control to be loaded, then your
>browser will load controls regardless of safety designations such as
>"Safe for Scripting", "Safe for Initialization", and "IObjectSaftey".

Note that a Google search for phrases like "Initialize and script ActiveX
controls not marked as safe for scripting" with "Enable" will return an
unsettling number of documents from vendors that tell their customers to
change their browsers to these unsafe settings, in order to get their own
products to work.

Given that such a setting could affect ALL controls - not just the ones
from the original vendor who needed it - I think this needs to be factored
into any software developer's threat model.

It would be very informative for someone somewhere to do a study to see
how many browsers are running with such unsafe settings.  I wouldn't be
surprised if it's 10% or more.

- Steve