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Infopop UBB.Threads Admin Credentials via SQL Injection

Discovered: 07-18-08
By: SecureState R&D Team (sasquatch)

SQL injection has previously been discovered (http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/14052/)

New Details:
UBBThreads is nice enough to encrypt/mask the regular users' passwords in the database, but stores the admin users' passwords plaintext!

Vulnerable Versions:
Tested on version 5.5.1, others may be vulnerable

Admin Login SQL Injection
++  Email is in From: field of forum post
++  Password is text body of post
++  Increment the "id" to obtain each admin's credentials (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Admin login:
$query = "SELECT * FROM admin_users WHERE email = '$email' AND password = '$password'";

Other Avenues for Attack:
++  Turn on file attachments via /ubbthreads/admin/editconfig.php?Cat= and then upload a php command shell as an attachment to a post ;)
++  Query MySQL database via /ubbthreads/admin/dbcommand.php?Cat=
++  Get MySQL username/password (it is plaintext) - view HTML Source of /ubbthreads/admin/editconfig.php?Cat=