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Aurora Nutritive Analysis Module Multiple XSS

- Aurora Nutritive Analysis Module Multiple XSS

- Description

"Aurora's FoodPro is a total food production, planning and control system that
provides start-to-finish control from raw food through production, service, and
analysis. It provides historical, as well as current and projected data, in
terms of food usage, costs, operating margins, and service."

Aurora's FoodPro has a 'Nutritive Analysis Module' that provides the capability
to analyze ingredients, recipes, and menus by nutritive components.

Two scripts in this module suffer from cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that
can be exploited without authentication. The 'nutframe.asp' and 'Menusamp.asp'
scripts do not sanitize input supplied to the 'locationName' variable.

- Product

Aurora Information Systems, Nutritive Analysis Module, unknown version

- PoC



- Solution


- Timeline

2008-06-06: Vulnerability Discovered
2008-07-07: Disclosed to Vendor (no ack)
2008-10-05: Mail re-sent to Vendor (no ack)
2009-03-26: Disclosed to Public (no more playing nice)


Shared Vulnerability Disclosure Account