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Asbru Web Content Management Vulnerabilities

aushack.com - Vulnerability Advisory
Release Date:

 Asbru Software - Asbru Web Content Management

 "Ready to use, full-featured, database-driven web content management system
  (CMS) with integrated community, databases, e-commerce and statistics modules
  for creating, publishing and managing rich and user-friendly
Internet, Extranet
  and Intranet websites."

Versions tested:
 6.5 and 6.6.9 have been confirmed as vulnerable in the ASP release.
 Other versions are untested. The vendor reports JSP, PHP, ASPX immune.

Vulnerability discovered:

 SQL Injection & XSS

Vulnerability impact:

 High - SQL Injection in backend database. Impact depends on the
 	   security and configuration of the database. It may be possible
	   to execute code using functons such as xp_cmdshell in poorly
	   configured hosts. Other attacks possible include obtaining the
	   CMS admin username and password from the database and
	   subsequently uploading code or modifying the page content.

Vulnerability information:

 The 'id' GET parameter of 'page.asp', 'stylesheet.asp' and 'file.asp' is
 vulnerable to numeric based blind SQL injection.


  http://[victim]/page.asp?id=1 	<-- main page
  http://[victim]/page.asp?id=1 AND 1=2 <-- returns blank (false)
  http://[victim]/page.asp?id=1 AND 1=1 <-- main page (true)

  XSS in the 'url' parameter of 'login.asp':



 aushack.com advisory

 Patrick Webster ( patrick@xxxxxxxxxxx )

Disclosure timeline:
 28-Oct-2008 - Discovered during audit.
 27-Nov-2008 - Notified vendor.
 28-Nov-2008 - Vendor releases patch.
 02-Apr-2009 - Disclosure.