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Addonics NAS Adapter FTP Remote Denial of Service

Remote: yes

Local: no

Credit: Mike Cyr, aka h00die

Vulnerable: NASU2FW41 Loader 1.17

Not Vulnerable:


The FTP server included with the Addonics NAS Adapter is vulnerable to 3 remote BoF conditions which result in a DoS and requires a device reboot as the entire tcp/ip stack is crashed.

the RMDIR, Delete, Rename functions are all vulnerable.

Log: Vendor notification March 25, 2009 (ticket 497283)
     Vendor response March 26, 2009
     Milw0rm code release April 1, 2009
     Security Focus Notification April 1, 2009


Vendor/Product Website: http://www.addonics.com/products/nas/nasu2.asp