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speaker Bill Blunden on Rootkits...

for those of you near the San Francisco Bay Area, a free talk on
rootkits next Friday at San Francisco State University. please RSVP to
me <alkeller@xxxxxxxx> so i can get head count.

Next Friday Bill Blunden of San Francisco State University will be
presenting on rootkits and select topics from his soon to be published
book "The Rootkit Arsenal: Escape and Evasion in the Dark Corners of
the System".

author's website:

review on Slashdot:

When: Noon-1:30pm on Friday 5/15/2009

What: This discussion will provide an overview of rootkits that
describes the core services which the technology offers and how these
services are implemented in practice. Special emphasis will be given
to system modification tactics and anti-forensic countermeasures.
Finally, this presentation will examine who is using rootkits and
briefly comment on analogies in the political arena.

Where: San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Ave
HSS Building, Room 362, San Francisco CA

PLEASE RSVP to Alex Keller <alkeller@xxxxxxxx>

Google Maps to Campus:

Campus Map:

There are a myriad of public transportation options for getting to SF

Street parking is often scarce so please allow yourself time to park
and walk to the campus. There is also a parking lot available for
$1/hour: http://www.sfsu.edu/~parking/text/parking.html

This talk is sponsored by Academic Technology and our venue has been
graciously provided by the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.
Refreshments will be provide, please feel free to bring your lunch.

Alex Keller
Systems Administrator
Academic Technology, San Francisco State University
Office: Burk Hall 153 Phone: (415)338-6117 Email: alkeller@xxxxxxxx