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Re: Five days left to find the oldest data loss incident

On 11-May-09, at 7:29 AM, Juha-Matti Laurio wrote:

The oldest documented vulnerability in computer security world is password file disclosure vulnerability from 1965, found by Mr. Ryan Russell.

Open Security Foundation launched a competition in April to find the oldest documented data loss incident.

They have announced that the last day to make a submission is next Friday - 15th May.

The contest page is located at


Mechanical computers are computers. The loss and the algorithmic crack of the Enigma machine circa 1939 should count - the story and break of the more difficult 4 rotor Naval Machine at Bletchley park recovered from the U-boat and cracked in 1941 is the most famous.


But I would nominate the break of the 3 Rotor Enigma circa 1939, by the Polish, as the first documented computer security vulnerability.



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