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Re: Insufficient Authentication vulnerability in Asus notebook

Susan Bradley wrote:
I don't mean to be rude but you do realize that all XP OEMs ship in this manner? So rather than asking everyone to help you investigate, just list all OEM vendors that still ship XP builds and it might be more efficient for you.

Otherwise this is very much not anything different then when someone else years and years ago said that IBM laptops or Dell computers were shipped in this manner and a basic law of computer security.
im the years and years ago..  maybe.

Dell's response was to ask me for my serial number.
IBM fixed it.

my biggest compliant was that XP pro (non OEM) asked you to set a password. XP pro (OEM) didn't. In fact, if you were smart enough to figure out how to set the local admin password, it would in fact warn you NOT to, telling you that if you did you were likely to lose data.


but, as you said, most XP OEM's do ship this way, for whatever reason.

network access to them is restricted, as you said, and once you do get physical access, password or not, the guy trying to install a keystroke logger when you are on a biobreak just needs a linux password reset boot disk.

Its easy enough to fix (IBM did it) but seems IBM was the only company that saw this very easy fix something they wanted to do.

(its a flag in the sysinstall ini files.. its just a flag that needs to be set)

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