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BugCON '09 has swine influenza!!


As maybe you know during two weeks Mexico suffered an epidemic, so the institute where BugCON going to be change the dates of all activities, including BugCON, this week we will have confirmed the new dates, probably BugCON will be on Agust.

For these reason, BugCON mantein its CFP open from this moment to June 22th. You can read more about BugCON at www.bugcon.org

The CFP:

BugCON is a purely technical convention where all security researchers can show their research, projects and ideas. The main topics for BugCON '09 are:

    * Software security
    * Web security
    * Trojan, worm and viri development
    * Fuzzing
    * AI applications related with security
    * Database hacking
    * Privacy issues
    * Mobile technologies
    * Hardware/firmware and embedded systems hacking
    * Cracking and protections on software
    * Academic security research
* Firewalls, IDS and other network hardware/software (implementation, configuration and evasion)
    * Open Source projects
    * Videogame consoles, T.V. systems, and other friki stuff
    * Cryptography and steganography

BugCON for this edition only accepts participation in the form of conference, with a duration of 1 to 2 hours (if you need more time BugCON can offer work tables for continuing your talk); the conference language can be spanish (prefereably) or english. Remeber that BugCON is totally uncensored, so the public can start a discussion about your conference, and it's totally acceptable.

BugCON has two lines, “white hat” topic and “black hat” topic the technical reviewers going to collocate your conferences in the most adecuate clasification. BugCON reserves the right to accept or reject any paper.

All proposals should be sent to secretary@xxxxxxxxxx with a little description about the conference and a little curriculum about the author, from March 17th to June 22th (no extensions).

Once your conference is accepted you should send a confirmation, a telephone number for contacting you and details about your arrival.