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Re: Addendum : [TZO-26-2009] Firefox (all?) Denial of Service through unclamped loop (SVG)

If I understand the process, saving the text at [IV. Proof of concept] (following the "~~~..." to an .XHTML file, and launch the file using Firefox, I should lose functionality ("Browser doesn't respond any longer to any user input, all tabs are no longer accessible, your work if any  (hail to the web 2.0) might be lost.")

Using FF2.0.0.20 and the file does not result in loss of use. All tabs are functional. All JAVA links continue function.  Same result for naming the POC file to .HTML, .HTM.

>>> Thierry Zoller <Thierry@xxxxxxxxx> 05/26/2009 13:13 >>>

For  those that failed to reproduce, try naming the POC file with an XHTML