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Re[2]: Addendum : [TZO-26-2009] Firefox (all?) Denial of Service through unclamped loop (SVG)

Dear Jim Parkhurst,

It  may  depend  on  video  card  and  video  drivers  and/or  amount of
memory/video  memory.  9  years  ago there was vulnerability in Internet
explorer          with          displaying         scaled         image:
http://securityvulns.com/advisories/ie5freeze.asp   results   were  also
different  on  different  hardware.  In some cases even mouse cursor was
frozen and reboot was only option.

--Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 7:56:56 PM, you wrote to cert@xxxxxxxx:

JP> If I understand the process, saving the text at [IV. Proof of
JP> concept] (following the "~~~..." to an .XHTML file, and launch the
JP> file using Firefox, I should lose functionality ("Browser doesn't
JP> respond any longer to any user input, all tabs are no longer
JP> accessible, your work if any  (hail to the web 2.0) might be lost.")

JP> Using FF2.0.0.20 and the file does not result in loss of use.
JP> All tabs are functional. All JAVA links continue function.  Same
JP> result for naming the POC file to .HTML, .HTM.

>>>> Thierry Zoller <Thierry@xxxxxxxxx> 05/26/2009 13:13 >>>

JP> For  those that failed to reproduce, try naming the POC file with an XHTML
JP> extension.

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