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New paper: Understanding Microsoft's KB971492 IIS WebDAV Vuln

Hello all,

There has been a fair amount written on the vulnerability itself, but
there's a large cohort who has no idea if their systems are at risk
("What is WebDAV, and how do I know if I have or need it???").

So I've written a paper that lets one self-assess to see if this is
an issue or not, mainly with a flowchart the gets to a not-vulnerable
place reliably.

   Unixwiz.net Tech Tip: Understanding Microsoft's KB971492 IIS5/IIS6 WebDAV Vulnerability 

Those who find WebDAV enabled still have to find local experts to help
figure out if they have a problem or not, but this should help the bulk
of users who are not at risk.

I hope this is helpful.


Stephen J Friedl  | Security Consultant |  UNIX Wizard  | 714 694-0494
steve@xxxxxxxxxxx | Orange County, CA   | Microsoft MVP |  unixwiz.net