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Re: [TZO-27-2009] Firefox Denial of Service (Keygen)

Thierry Zoller <Thierry@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> According to a Bugzilla entry memory is also leaked during the process.
> So let's recap, we have a function that generates key material and looping
> causes memory to leak. One might think this should be important enough to
> investigate, especially if you know that for DSA for instance, only a few
> bits of k can reveal an entire private key. [3]
> Note: I am not saying the memory leaks include key material, seeing the
> lack of interest this bugzilla ticket triggered, I have not considered
> investigating further.  What  I  am  saying  is  that if security is taken
> seriously memory leaks that directly or indirectly happen during key
> generation need to be investigated thoroughly.

I suspect there may be a language issue here, you seem to be confusing the
terms "information leak" and "memory leak", they're entirely unrelated
concepts despite the similar name.

Thanks, Tavis.

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