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Call For Papers – ACM CCS 2009 Workshops

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                     Call for Papers: ACM CCS WORKSHOPS

  co-located with the
16th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2009

Nov. 9, 2009 - Nov. 13, 2009 -- Chicago, IL, USA

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*** Workshop submissions due: June 12, 2009 ***
[ please check individual workshop pages for possible deadline extensions ]

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Workshop on Assurable & Usable Security Configuration (SafeConfig)

A typical enterprise network might have hundreds of security devices
such as firewalls, IPSec gateways, IDS/IPS, authentication servers,
authorization/RBAC servers and crypto systems. These must be logically
integrated into a security architecture satisfying security goals at
and across multiple networks. Logical integration is accomplished by
consistently setting thousands of configuration variables and rules on
the devices. The configuration must be constantly adapted to optimize
protection and block prospective attacks. The configuration must be
tuned to balance security with usability. These challenges are
compounded by the deployment of mobile devices and ad hoc
networks. The resulting security configuration complexity places a
heavy burden on both regular users and experienced administrators and
dramatically reduces overall network assurability and usability. The
workshop will bring together academic as well as industry researchers
to exchange experiences, discuss the major challenges and present
future solutions to offer manageable and usable security.

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Workshop on Digital Rights Management (DRM 2009)

The ACM Workshop on Digital Rights Management is an international
forum that serves as an interdisplinary bridge between areas that can
be applied to solving the problem of Intellectual Property protection
of digital content. These include: cryptography, software and computer
systems design, trusted computing, information and signal processing,
intellectual property law, policy-making, as well as business analysis
and economics. Its purpose is to bring together researchers from the
above fields for a full day of formal talks and informal discussions,
covering new results that will spur new investigations regarding the
foundations and practices of DRM.

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Workshop on Virtual Machine Security (VMSec 2009)

This workshop, the first of its kind to deal exclusively with virtual
machine security, will tackle the important research topics in
virtualization security.  This workshop aims to bring together leading
researchers in the fields of virtualization and security to present
the latest work on these topics.

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Workshop on Security and Artificial Intelligence (AISec 2009)

This workshop is to facilitate an exchange of ideas between these AI
and Security and promote security and privacy solutions that leverage
AI technologies. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to
AI-informed approaches to: Spam and botnet detection, malware
identification, insider threat detection, incentives in
security/privacy systems, phishing, and others.

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Workshop on Secure Execution of Untrusted Code (SecuCode 2009)

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners
from industry and academia working on the protection of software
systems against untrusted code. Untrusted applications should only
access those resources and only call those functions that are
considered as non-security-critical. Topics of interest include
security for intermediate languages like Java or .NET and interpreted
languages like Python or PHP, runtime monitoring, static analysis and
security architectures.

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Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES 2009)

The increased power and interconnectivity of computer systems
available today create the ability to store and process large amounts
of data, resulting in networked information accessible from anywhere
at any time. It is becoming easier to collect, exchange, access,
process, and link information. This global scenario has inevitably
resulted in an increasing degree of awareness with respect to
privacy. Privacy issues have been the subject of public debates, and
the need for privacy-aware policies, regulations, and techniques has
been widely recognized. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the
problems of privacy in the global interconnected societies and
possible solutions to them.

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Workshop on Cloud Computing Security (CCSW 2009)

The CCSW workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners
in all security aspects of cloud-centric and outsourced computing. How
exactly grid, cloud, utility computing etc will look like tomorrow is
still for the markets to decide, yet one thing is certain: clouds
bring with them new untested deployment and associated adversarial
models and vulnerabilities. It is essential that our community becomes
involved at this early stage.

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Workshop on Data Mining for Fraud Detection Workshop (DMFD 2009)

This workshop focuses on data mining techniques that can be applied to
organizational data to reveal fraudulent activity.  We seek to foster
a greater exchange between data mining researchers and fraud detection
professionals. As fraud activity is highly context-dependent,
context-agnostic submission is highly encouraged.

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Workshop on Digital Identity Management (DIM 2009)

This workshop will explore critical issues concerning identity
management technologies for the information society. Existing
solutions are not necessarily interoperable or complementary, and
sometimes overlap. Thus it is critical to lay foundations for a
holistic understanding of problem areas and approaches to innovative
solutions. The goal of this workshop is to share the latest findings,
identify key challenges, inspire debates, and foster collaboration
between industries and academia towards interoperable identity service

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Workshop on Information Security Governance (WISG 2009)

Information Security Governance is to establish a framework to drive
implementation of effective information security strategies in
organizations involving risk management, reporting, and
accountability. Recent changes in business environment such as
outsourcing, global supply chain, and cross organizational
collaborations is forcing users to access and retrieve business data
across organizational boundaries. This is making data governance in
enterprise intractable. These new disruptive trends will greatly
change the notions of the information security governance calling for
more fine-grained, data-centric, and risk-adjusted governance models
with the innovative implementation technologies.

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Workshop on Scalable Trusted Computing (STC 2009)

Built on the continuous success of ACM STC'06, STC'07 and STC'08, this
workshop focuses on fundamental technologies of trusted computing (in
a broad sense, with or without TPMs) and its applications in
large-scale systems -- those involving large number of users and
parties with varying degrees of trust.  The workshop is intended to
serve as a forum for researchers as well as practitioners to
disseminate and discuss recent advances and emerging issues.

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Workshop on Secure Web Services (SWS 2009)

The SWS workshop explores many topics related to Web Services
Security, ranging from the advancement and best practices of building
block technologies such as XML and Web services security protocols to
higher level issues such as advanced metadata, general security
policies, trust establishment, risk management, and service
assurance. The workshop provides a forum for presenting research
results, practical experiences, and innovative ideas in web services

= = = = = = = = ======================================================================== Workshop on Security and Privacy in Medical and Home-Care Systems (SPIMACS 2009)

SPIMACS (pronounced spy-max) seeks to bring together the computer and
social scientists that will be required to address the challenges of
securing the intimate digital spaces of the most vulnerable. We invite
papers which analyze the use of technologies at home, the challenges
of design targeted at a population with cognitive decline, design for
the disable with a focus on medical and home support when these
projects have a primary or at least significant focus on privacy and
security.  Papers explaining the data constraints and controls on data
from policy, ethical or legal perspectives are also welcome.

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