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Re: [InterN0T] Achievo 1.3.4 - XSS Vulnerability

In regards to the previous researchers i found out this vulnerability and another has already been disclosed.

http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/31326/info (ver 1.3.2)
http://secunia.com/advisories/31973/ (ver. 1.3.2)

However, i can confirm that the vulnerability below still exists in the newest version (1.3.4) of the platform as well:

If One would like the XSS to be triggered directly on the site the user enters, One can prepend > after ">.

Example: (thanks to Rohit Bansal for this information)
http://www.website.tld/achievo/dispatch.php?atknodetype=&atkaction=";>><script>alert(1)</script>&atklevel=-1&atkprevlevel =0&achievo=cgvuu4c9nv45ofdq8ntv1inm82

I'm sorry i didn't check other sites before submitting.

All of the best,