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[Bkis-10-2009] Photo DVD Maker Professional Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Title : Photo DVD Maker Professional Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

1. General Information

Photo DVD Maker Professional is a tool allows you to create entertaining photo slideshows with many file formats supported. Bkis has just detected a vulnerability in the software related to the processing of Photo DVD Maker Professional project files (“.pdm”). This vulnerability permits hackers to execute malicious code on users’ systems.

Details : http://blog.bkis.com/?p=713
Bkis Advisory : Bkis-10-2009
Initial vendor notification : 12/06/2009
Release Date : 06/07/2009
Update Date : 06/07/2009
Discovered by : Le Duc Anh - Bkis
Attack Type : Buffer Overflow
Security Rating : High
Impact : Code Execution
Affected Software : Photo DVD Maker Professional version <= 8.02 (Prior versions may also be affected).
PoC : http://blog.bkis.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/photodvdmaker_poc.pdm

2. Technical Description

PDM files are used to store essential information about a Photo DVD Maker Professional Project (in XML format). The software performs inadequate check for the length of a File_Name tag. This results in a critical buffer overflow error when set with an overly long value.

In order to exploit, a hacker might create a specially crafted “.pdm” file and trick users into using it. If successful, hackers can perform local attack, inject viruses, steal sensitive information and even take control of the victim’s system.

3. Solution

Rating this vulnerability high severity and due to the fact that the vendor hasn’t released any patch against this vulnerability, Bkis recommends that users should not open any untrusted PDM file.