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Pwnie Awards 2009

The Pwnie Awards ceremony will return for the third consecutive year to the
BlackHat USA conference in Las Vegas. The award ceremony will take place
during the BlackHat reception on Wed, July 29.

The Pwnie Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating the achievements and
failures of security researchers and the wider security community in the past
year. We're currently accepting nominations in nine award categories:

 * Best Server-Side Bug
 * Best Client-Side Bug
 * Mass 0wnage
 * Most Innovative Research
 * Lamest Vendor Response
 * Most Overhyped Bug
 * Best Song
 * Most Epic FAIL (new for 2008)
 * Lifetime Achievement award for hackers over 30 (new for 2008)

The deadline for nominations is Wed, July 15. To submit a nomination,
visit the Pwnie Awards site at http://pwnie-awards.org/

For more last minute information, follow @PwnieAwards on Twitter,

For questions, please email info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alexander Sotirov
Dino Dai Zovi

Pwnie Awards 2009

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