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RE: computer crime statistics

This may help as well:


Michael Theroux
IT Security Specialist
Plexus Corp. 

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Try the Verizon Business Data Breach investigations report.  I think it 
has some statistics you are looking for.



McDonnell, Michael wrote:
> You probably will have more look searching databases provided by your
> library. If your local University has a data librarian they might be
able to
> help find sources of data (if they even exist). A reference librarian
> show you how to search various databases of scholarly research to see
> anyone has done any surveys etc. and published their findings.  I'd
> with IEEE Explore and the ACM Digital Library. The National Criminal
> Reference Service *might* be able to provide some guidance as well.
> --
> Michael McDonnell, GCIA
> Network Security Analyst
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>> Subject: computer crime statistics
>> Good day to all of you,
>> I'm having loads of troubles finding computer crimes' statistics
>> (crimes
>> that are related to physical security - eg. Login, root access,
>> ntlm/sam,
>> etc). I did some search on google and many other websites. But I've
>> to
>> encounter a statistics or survey for the mentioned above computer
>> crime.
>> Does anyone have any idea where I can get them?
>> Thank you.

Scott Nielsen
USU IT Security Team
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