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Pre-Beta Invite , New (Free) Anti-Virus Software


I'm posting to the list to invite Bugtraq users to a closed, pre-beta,
program for a new free Anti-Virus package. The software is called Immunet
Protect, it's free Anti-Virus software focused on protecting communities
(versus single users only) through a new approach called 'Collective
Immunity'. It's cloud based, community focused and it's nearly in beta and
we would love your help!

If you are interested in participating in the pre-beta please mail me
directly andrew @ immunet.com  and I will get you started. The goal of this
testing is basic install, run time evaluation, side by side product install
impact etc. 

Please note that this software is designed to work in tandem with your
current AV products or on it¹s own. It should have little to no impact on
your system performance. The requirements are:

Windows XP SP2 32-bit operating system OR
Windows Vista SP1 32-bit operating system

Internet Connectivity, required to communicate with the Immunet Cloud

[Optional] Norton Internet Security 2009, McAfee Internet
Security 2009 or AVG Free 8.5

I look forward to hearing from you - thanks.


The official release will be driven using the SecurityFocus Beta program
(http://www.securityfocus.com/beta) when it¹s ready.

Andrew Mcphee
Immunet Corporation