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XOOPS Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities - Security Advisory - SOS-09-005

XOOPS Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities - Security Advisory -

Release Date. 31-Jul-2009
Vendor Notification Date. 15-Jun-2009
Product. XOOPS
Platform. Independent
Affected versions. 2.3.3 (verified), possibly others
Severity Rating. Medium
Impact. Cookie/credential theft, impersonation, loss of confidentiality
Attack Vector. Remote
Solution Status. Vendor patch
CVE reference. Not yet assigned


XOOPS is a content management system written in PHP. During an application
penetration test Sense of Security identified that Input passed to the "op"
parameter of viewpmsg.php, and in the query string of user.php are
vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. This occurred as a
result of the application not properly filtering HTML tags which allowed
malicious JavaScript to be embedded. When input is incorrectly validated and
not properly sanitised and then displayed in a web page, attackers can trick
users into viewing the web page and causing malicious code to be executed.

Proof of Concept.

http://IP/xoops-2.3.3/htdocs/modules/pm/viewpmsg.php?op='"><script>alert('vulnerable')</script><link id='



Vendor patch

Discovered by.

Sense of Security

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