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Re: Multiple vulnerabilities in several ATEN IP KVM Switches

I emailed you last week but did not receive a response.

What about units like the CN5000 that do not appear anywhere on your 
website?  We have two of these and are very concerned about the below-
referenced vulnerability.

Will a firmware upgrade for these units be forthcoming as well, or do 
we now own hundreds of dollars worth of paperweights?

> This is Technical Support Team from ATEN.
> Firstly, we appreciate all suggestions from Germany TUB LAB.
> Undoubtedly, guaranteeing our KVM products with robust security
> mechanism is our responsibility. 
> After discussing with Germany TUB LAB, we believe all security issues
> could be fixed by new Firmware version as below. 
> - KH1508i/KH1516i v1.0.068 
> - KN9108/KN9116 v1.1.109 
> - PN9108 v1.8.179 
> Scheduled Release Date is around Aug. 17, 2009 
> Please visit our ATEN official site later.
> http://www.aten.com/download/download.php
> As for SSL Certificate, SSL Certificate import function has built into
> our KVM above with new firmware. We strongly suggest our KVM users to
> import their individual Certificate for advanced security concern. We
> will tell our KVM users how to generate their own Certificate by
> openssl tool in our product manual later. 
> Thanks,

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