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Local Kernel Buffer Overflow vulnerability in Avast!

//----- Advisory

Program          : avast! 4.8.1335 Professional
Homepage         : http://www.avast.com
Discovery        : 2009/07/29
Author Contacted : 2009/07/31
Found by         : Heurs
This Advisory    : Heurs
Contact          : heurs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, s.leberre@xxxxxxxxxxxx

//----- Application description

Avast! antivirus software represents complete virus protection,
offering full desktop security including a resident shield.
This antivirus is certified by both ICSA Labs and West Coast
Labs Checkmark.

//----- Description of vulnerability

The File System Filter driver is prone to a local kernel buffer overflow.
This vulnerability allows an intruder to gain SYSTEM privileges on a Windows
system from a limited user account.

//----- Proof Of Concept


//----- Credits


s.leberre at sysdream dot com

heurs at ghostsinthestack dot org

//----- Greetings