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Writeup by Amit Klein (Trusteer): "Google Chrome 3.0 (Beta) Math.random vulnerability"

Hi list

I would like to announce a new writeup, titled
"Google Chrome 3.0 (Beta) Math.random vulnerability".
The writeup is available in the following URL:


The revised Google Chrome Math.random algorithm (included in version
3.0 of Google Chrome) is predictable. This paper describes how Google
Chrome 3.0 Math.random's internal state can be reconstructed, and how
it can be rolled forward and backward, and how (in Windows) the exact
seeding time can be extracted. This in turn leads to various attacks
(e.g. "in-session phishing") as described in an earlier paper (http://www.trusteer.com/files/Temporary_User_Tracking_in_Major_Browsers.pdf).


Amit Klein, CTO, Trusteer