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Re: [Full-disclosure] Microsoft Internet Information Server ftpd zeroday

Hi Kingcope,

Thanks to a hint by "Petar" on the G-SEC blog [1] it  appears
that the  very same bug was present in IIS3 and IIS4 and discovered
by eeye in 1999 :

"Microsoft  IIS  (Internet  Information Server) FTP service contains a
buffer overflow in the NLST command. This could be used to DoS a remote
machine and in some cases execute code remotely."

Is this the same bug andwas the bug re-introduced ? Has Microsoft
fixed  LS  but  not NLST?  "svn" mishap ?

Maybe Mudge and/or Dildog can comment - would certainly be interesting
to know whether and if HOW this bug was reintroduced.

[1] http://blog.g-sec.lu/2009/09/iis-5-iis-6-ftp-vulnerability.html

Thierry ZOLLER