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Open Beta - New Free AV Software


Immunet Protect is now in the 4th round of public beta. This is free beta AV
software which has been pre-tested extensively by a portion of the Bugtraq
community and is now available for general download to the rest of the

The general idea is that it allows you to build communities of people and
collectively share your protections. It's uses a series of methods to
convict files, primarily in the cloud.

It is meant to be run in conjunction with your current AV to increase your
detection rates and is compatible with Norton/AVG/Mcafee/Avira 2009 and
greater. It is not yet formally tested with other products but has been
reported to work alongside Eset, Gdata, Panda Cloud and MSSE.

If you would like to try it in beta we welcome your participation and more
importantly, your feedback.

Since posting to Bugtraq initially we've gone from 60 pre-beta users to
slightly over 10,000 as I write this. Many of them part of this fantastic
community, thanks for the support!

The download URL is:

Best Regards, 
Al Huger

Immunet Corp.