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Re: [Full-disclosure] 3rd party patch for XP for MS09-048?

Aras "Russ" Memisyazici wrote:
> How effective is what Tom Grace suggests? Unless I'm misunderstanding, he's
> suggesting switching to an iptables based protection along with a registry
> tweak... ahh the good ol' batch firewall :) Would this actually work as a
> viable work-around? I realize M$ stated this as such, but given their
> current reputation it's really hard to take their word for anything these
> days :P
> What free/cheap client-level-IPS solutions block this current attack? Any
> suggestions?
> Thank you for your time and look forward to some more answers.


This _may_ work for you. It include a port to Windows of OpenBSD's PF
firewall which provides stateful filtering with packet scrubing for
inbound and outbound traffic.


*CAVEAT* This is an OLD project that is no longer maintained or
supported. If you use it, you will be on your own.