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THOTCON 0x1 - Call For Papers is Open -> October 1, 2009


What: THOTCON 0x1
When: Friday, April 23, 2010
Where: TBA - 1 Week Prior to Conference
Call For Papers Opens: October 1, 2009
Call for Papers Closes: January 1, 2010

*** ABOUT ******************************
THOTCON (pronounced \ËthÈt\ and taken from THree - One - Two) is a new small venue hacking conference based in Chicago IL, USA. This is a non-profit, non-commercial event looking to provide the best conference possible on a very limited budget.

*** WHEN / WHERE ***********************
The conference will be held in Chicago, IL USA on April 23, 2010.

It will be held at a location only to be disclosed to attendees and speakers during the week before the event. It WILL be in the City of Chicago and close to a CTA train stop, accessible by bus, and cab.

*** FORMAT *****************************
The event will be a single track.

There will be eight (8) 45 minute talks selected. We will also fill spots between talk with MICROBLOX (quick 12.5 minute talks on a very focused topic) or INFOBLOX (5 minute infomercials on a project you are working on).

Topics we are interested in: retro computing, forensics, robotics, physical security, 0-days, application hacking, wireless, malware development/research, hacker spaces, The Muppets, zombies, attack detection, the number 7, online game hacking, consumer device hacking, beer, hacking Olympic bids [using Oprahsploit], and bananas [foster].

*** SPEAKER PERKS **********************
Speakers will be given free admission to the conference as well as one (1) free attendee badge (to bring a guest). In addition, speakers who give their presentation as planned, will be given a THOTCON life-time attendance badge. This means you will be given free entry to every future THOTCON event for life.

You will also have access to the THOTCON VIP Lounge. This means you will have access to free stuff and other highly discounted stuff all day. We don't have anything else to give, except you can tell your mom and your friend you spoke at the first THOTCON.

*** HOW TO SUBMIT **********************
If you are interested in speaking at this event, please send your completed speaker application <http://www.thotcon.org/cfp.html> to cfp@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Once we receive your submission, you will get an email back within 48-72 hours. If you do not hear back from us, please resend.

The CFP will close on Jan 1, 2010 or when we feel we have 8 outstanding talks. We anticipate having all speakers selected by Feb 1, 2010.




twitter: @thotcon