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Re: /proc filesystem allows bypassing directory permissions on Linux

On Sat 2009-10-24 10:47:38, psz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Dear Pavel,
> > ... can you see a way to write to that file when /proc is unmounted?
> While there is legitimate access to do so (after file is created and
> before pavel issues 'chmod 700 /tmp/my_priv'), guest to use commands:
>   ln /tmp/my_priv/unwritable_file /tmp/hardlink-to-object
> and then use that instead of /proc/self/fd/3, should work same as
> original "attack" (and am curious whether 'link counts' shown by
> 'ls -l /tmp/my_priv/unwritable_file' are 1 or 2 in each case).

You are welcome to try it. link count is 2 for "ln" case and 1 for
"/proc" case -- and that's exactly the problem. "pavel" has no chance
to know that backdoor exists.
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