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Re: /proc filesystem allows bypassing directory permissions on Linux

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> Subject: Re: Re: /proc filesystem allows bypassing directory
> permissions on Linux
> >> I do not think mounting /proc should change access control
> semantics.
> >>
> >It didn't in fact change anything. If the guest created
> hardlink to that file in a unrestricted location, what would you say?
> Do your homework and test it. You can't create the hardlink -
> the link(oldpath, newpath) call will fail with EACCES if
> search permission is denied for any directory in oldpath or
> newpath. Documented in the manpage, and I just tested and verified it.

It's creating the hardlink (or setting the fd in /proc) before the directory is locked down to user-only permissions. You will be allowed access to whatever the file allows, despite what the directory permissions are. This seems expected to me, since the files will be the same inode. If I'm following this correctly it comes down to some distributions treating /proc/*/fd/* as hardlinks, for whatever reason.

> Fact is, directory permissions are relevant in Unix. Despite
> it's permissions, under the Unix access permission semantics
> the file is unwriteable for anyone but the owner, and this
> bug pokes a hole into that.

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