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Re: Millions of PDF invisibly embedded with your internal disk paths

I agree. Discovering the local path may be considered a risk, but in
most cases the risk is nil.

Consider compiled binaries. They also leak paths of the developer's
compile environment (mainly PDB -
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/121366). E.g. My firefox.exe is:


This reminds me of the iPhone worm. Everyone knew about the default
root password years ago... it is not like people weren't already
scanning for gaolbroken phones before worms were released >:)

Then again, the worm brought attention to the fact.

PDF's are mainly used for two reasons:

1) Prevent end-user modification
2) Because Microsoft Word conceals information & tracks changes etc,
and too many government & enterprise organisations have been bitten by
it that PDF is a rule of thumb. At least in my experience.

Considering that, perhaps for the PDF format specifically this could
be an issue, under the assumption that consumers use PDF
/specifically/ to prevent data leakage.