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Announce: RFIDIOt-1.0a released - November 2009


I know it's been a while, but I've been busy etc. etc. :)

After 3 years, I've finally got around to a full release number! Here is version 1.0a, in which I've started integrating Nick von Dadelszen's libnfc (http://www.libnfc.org/) wrapper so we can support the new generation of usb stick readers which are practically given away with digital cash products such as Snapper (http://www.snapper.co.nz/index.html). I've also done a lot of tidying up of the Mifare key handling code (the KeyA and KeyB stuff was probably some of the earliest code I wrote on this project, and was pretty broken!), as I'm starting to see a lot of live security issues with Mifare cards and their use in applications such as hotel keys etc., so I've added copy/clone functionality to readmifaresimple.py (note that it's not capable of creating a true clone as we can't set the UID, but we can copy all data blocks and set keys).


make mrpkey.py slightly easier to add new document types to
add COPY and RESET functions to readmifaresimple.py
add automatic keytype and default key checking to readmifaresimple.py
fix MIFARE KeyA and KeyB handling on all supported readers
add readmifareultra.py - read Mifare UltraLight tags [Keith Howell]
add support for libnfc devices [Nick von Dadelszen] (work in progress)

You can grab it here:


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