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Re: Millions of PDF invisibly embedded with your internal disk paths


> I agree. Discovering the local path may be considered a risk, but in
> most cases the risk is nil.

Often, risk is not big, agreed.

> Considering that, perhaps for the PDF format specifically this could
> be an issue, under the assumption that consumers use PDF
> /specifically/ to prevent data leakage.

Exactly. Imagine someone posting (anonymously) copy of EvilCorp's
internal web pages, that prove EvilCorp is planning  to produce bonsai
kitten, as .pdf. If the pdf contains 'e:\nethome\joe_kitten_lover'
.. then, well, Joe has a problem.

(It would be bad if that .pdf contained username/hostname, too; I
could imagine even timestamps being problematic.)

(And yes, similar problems are elsewhere. Exif contains way too much
information, if you try to leak pictures of bonsai kitten from digital

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