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Re: Millions of PDF invisibly embedded with your internal disk paths

On Thu 2009-12-03 14:17:48, Thor (Hammer of God) wrote:
>    Meh.   I replied to something similar off-list.
>    "Leaking" a pdf with `e:\nethome\joe_kitten_lover' doesn't remotely
>    "prove" anything.  If I create a user called
>    MayIMommaDogFaceToTheBannanPatch and "leaked" a pdf, it doesn't mean
>    Steve Martin was culpable.  

Nor do IP addresses prove anything, still people use them.

It is good enough reason to search his computer. If the poor user does
not know paths are embedded, he's likely to get himself into
trouble. And no, the path does not prove anything, but given how hard
it is to erase data on hdd, his harddrive is likely to prove a lot.
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