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DC4420 - London DEFCON - Christmas drinks - Wednesday 16th December

yes, another year has gone by and some of the survivors will be gathering together to swap tales of horror and/or triumph and to soothe our wounds with liberal applications of alcohol...

all are welcome to join us, and as it's just a social, there is no pressure to perform! unless, of course, jumping up on the bar is your kind of thing... :)

note that this is a slight change to the originally advertised date of the 17th, so to be doubly clear:

we are meeting on WEDNESDAY the 16th DECEMBER, 2009...

starting location (as this is a pub crawl):

  The Black Horse, 6 Rathbone Place, London W1.


Right next to Tottenham Court Rd. tube...

we will be there from about 17:00, and are looking to move to the next venue at 19:30 (we will tweet on http://twitter.com/dc4420 as we move, so don't worry if you miss us at the first stop)

hope to see you there!

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...