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Tests about semicolon zero-day (BID 37460)

Tests about semicolon zero-day (BID 37460)

Tests in Windows XP SP3 and IIS 5.1
The results are:
18:21:18 GET /t.asp;.jpg 200
The file founded,  but not interpreted! IIS print the asp souce code at screen.

Testing in 2003 Server IIS 6.0 SP 2 works perfect!  the .jpg is
interpreted as .asp
2009-12-28 18:56:37 W3SVC1 GET /t.asp;.jpg - 80 - Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+
200 0 0

Testing in 2008 Server  IIS 7.0 SP1
Return same Windows XP, source code printed at screen.