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Link Injection Redirection Attacks - Exploiting Google Chrome Design Flaw


Recently with an outcome of Owasp RC1 top 10 exploited vulnerability
list , redirection issues have already
made a mark in that. Even the WASC has included the URL abusing as one
of the stringent attacks.
Well to be ethical in this regard these are not the recent attacks but
are persisting from long time. The only
difference is the exploitation ratio has increased from bottom to top.
So that's the prime reason it has been
included in the web application security benchmarks. But the projection
of redirection attacks is active now.

This post is not about explaining the basics of redirection issues. It
is more about the design vulnerabilities
in browsers that can lead to potential persistent redirection
vulnerabilities. Web application security can be
hampered due to browser problems.

Note: The base is to project the implications of browser inefficiency
and the ease in conducting web application  attacks.


Video: http://www.secniche.org/videos/google_chrome_link_inj.html

Browsers need to take care of these issues.

Aditya K Sood