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Google Chrome | Chrome Frame - Reloading Memory Allocation based Tab Crashing


Google Chrome, right from the start has shown some stringency in tab
crashing. But crashing tabs or full browser crash is becoming more smoother
than the previously reported cases. On playing around with Google Chrome
and Chrome Frame direct tab crashing has been reloaded. The specific
points are mentioned below:

1. Scripts are checked against memory allocation part and raises a warning.
2. In recent versions playing around with JavaScript based conversion of
Unicode values to characters and rendering it directly leads to tab
3. It has become more smoother and direct in the functionality.

The software tested against this rule set is mentioned below:

1. Google Chrome Browser
2. Google Chrome Frame. (IE8)

Both are installed on x64 systems running windows vista and IE8. The
test is based on the script code designed to show the tab crashing in
controlled manner.


Blog Post:

It can have diverse impact with more modularized codes in the future.

All for community purposes.

Kind Regards
Aditya K Sood