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Re: facebook 'routing flaw'?

I logged out of the mobile interface on my AT&T cell phone. "Just in case"

What is also frightening / interesting is that facebook seems to link the two sessions so that when I logged out of the phone based session to m.facebook.com, I was also logged out of my web based session as well.

Even more interesting is that trying to login to facebook on two separate browser sessions won't work. I.e. if I login to facebook on one computer, and then login again on another computer, or on the same computer in a different browser (i.e. firefox for one session and i.e. for another), then the first session is dropped, which is good.

However, having a web browser based session, and a phone browser based session, doesn't seem to matter to facebook and I can have both open at the same time. There seems to be some potential to exploit there.

(long time subscriber, but haven't posted since the late 90s)

On 1/16/2010 4:39 AM, Michael Scheidell wrote:
AP Report says it was a 'routing problem'? any idea what they are
talking about, do THEY know what they are talking about?
Did AT&T mix up the destination ip addresses? did facebook NOT CHECK IP
ADDRESS AND COOKIES and disable the session when the ip changed?


SAN FRANCISCO – A Georgia mother and her two daughters logged onto
Facebook from mobile phones last weekend and wound up in a startling
place: strangers' accounts with full access to troves of private

The glitch — the result of a routing problem at the family's wireless
carrier, AT&T — revealed a little known security flaw with far reaching
implications for everyone on the Internet, not just Facebook users.