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London DEFCON January meet - DC4420 - Wed 27th Jan 2010

Hi All,

It's a new year, and we have a new venue and new rules of engagement!

First, the venue - we are back in a pub, in the heart of the west end, with a private room/bar and easy connection to mainline stations etc. Food is excellent and drinks are at *normal* pub prices (and, most importantly, they have Guinness)!!!!

Secondly, ROE: we still run on "Fight Club" rules, i.e. "you will talk", but we're going to make it a bit easier to get started... This year, we will be limiting the talks to a single full-length 'tek/security/hacking' talk, followed by a single 'fun/other' talk, which can be any length (if it's really short, we may do two that month)... Some previous subjects for the 'fun' talks have been:

  Torches / Lasers
  Home built water cannon
  Interfacing live firearms to FPS games
  Brain engineering (smart drugs etc.)

... you get the idea...

Meeting will always be the last Wednesday of the month, and venue is booked for the whole year, so you can get these dates in your diary (they are also on the front page of the main site - http://www.dc4420.org/)

  January 27th
  Febuary 24th
  March 31st
  April 28th - Infosec *gulp*
  May 26th
  June 30th
  July 28th (Social - goons will be in Vegas!)
  August 25th
  September 29th
  October 27th
  November 24th
  December 15th (Social) <-- Not a Wednesday!

OK, so on to this month's details:


  Upstairs at The Black Horse, 6 Rathbone Place, W1T 1HH

nearest stations:

Tottenham Court Road London Underground station (150m) - zone 1
Goodge Street London Underground station (440m) - zone 1
Oxford Circus London Underground station (630m) - zone 1
Leicester Square London Underground station (680m) - zone 1
Covent Garden London Underground station (750m) - zone 1


- mu-b : disk crypto stuff (the technical one)

- even + others : white hat rally (the non-technical one)

as mu-b may be late, and the rally talk may be quite short, we will also have:

- Bonus: Major Malfunction will show the latest build of http://www.alcrypto.co.uk/satmap/ (the fun one)

yes, me hunting for UAVs... :P


  room ours from 18:00, talks start at 19:30
  kitchen closes at 21:00
  last orders 23:00

see you all there!


"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...